Cruise Canada New England Alliance

The Cruise Canada New England Alliance is an 12-year-old partnership which groups together NYCruise, Flynn Cruiseport Boston, CruiseMaine, Cruise Atlantic Canada and Cruise the Saint Lawrence.

Partners pool their marketing strengths and cruise industry experience to create a variety of attractive tourist destinations for domestic and international cruise lines seeking to offer guests unique venues and new destinations. 

Alliance members jointly market the Canada New England region to cruise lines in the United States and Europe through personal contact and by attending cruise industry events.

Years of ongoing cooperation have generated excellent results. In 2016, 25 different cruise lines transported over 2 million passengers on routes operated to one or more of our destination ports of call, thereby substantiating consistent growth in passenger numbers for the Canada/New England region as a whole. 

Cruise line guests enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences offered by a diversity of destinations. And, as a result of collective infrastructure investments and joint marketing efforts, members of the Cruise Canada New England Alliance are witnessing steady growth in cruise tourism to the region.