Alliance Cruise Canada New England

The Cruise Canada New England Alliance is an 11-year partnership formed by NYCruise , Cruiseport Boston , CruiseMaine USA , Cruise Atlantic Canada and St. Lawrence Cruises

Alliance partners combine their marketing resources and experience in the cruise industry to create a diverse array of attractive tourist destinations for North American and international cruise lines seeking to offer unique and new destinations to their customers. 

Members of the Cruise Canada New England Alliance jointly market the Canada/New England region to cruise lines in the United States and Europe through personal contacts and participation in cruise industry events.

Many years of collaboration have produced excellent results. In 2016, 25 different cruise companies were present in the ports of our destination, representing more than 2 million passengers. This represents a steady growth in passenger numbers for the Canada New England region. 

Port of Sydney

60 Esplanade
Suite 102 Port Place
Sydney NS, B1P 1A1

Téléphone : (902) 564-0800
Courriel :
Site web :

Date d'impression : vendredi 9 décembre 2022